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(Archived) Saved Search confusion



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Thank you, jefito. That helps a lot.

Two smaller things:

1. so commas are not needed between each operator? For instance, do I write

notebook:"Action Pending" -tag:1-Now -tag:2-When


notebook:"Action Pending", -tag:1-Now, -tag:2-When

And related to this,

2. It seems that if a tag has a space in it, like Action Pending, then the operator needs to have quotation marks around them, as I've done in the two syntaxes above.

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I've followed the links above but I'm having trouble creating a saved search...what I'm trying to do is: create a saved search that returns notes from a given notebook, for example the notebook "personal". What I've done is this:

In the search area type "notebook:personal" ... this results in all the notes in my personal notebook being displayed (as expected). However the option "New Saved Search" in the File menu is grayed out.

Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any reply.


PS: if I change the search box to "notebook:personal a" then the search returns all notes within the "personal" notebook that contain the letter "a". Of course this contains most, if not all, the notes in the personal notebook, but the interesting thing is: now the "New Saved Search" option is active.

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