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  1. Hi Malc, Glad to hear our TSW system is working for you. It's why we put the time and resources into putting up that site and the training videos. "The Secret Weapon" works so well for our company and employees, we wanted to share it with others. Again, thanks for the acknowledgement. Scott
  2. Mkeithley, at my company, we've been using the GTD/Evernote comination for the past 8 months. We teach it to our staff, too. We're so into it, we decided to put it down on paper and videos so others use it. We just launched it today, it's www.TheSecretWeapon.org A lot of help videos, which might be helpful to those new to the GTD/Evernote combo.
  3. All my notes are basically to-dos. If I have a few to-dos that I don't need to deal with (or see) until the week of March 10th, what is the best way you all have found for deal with future notification? I could put them in my Soon, Later, or Someday tags, or perhaps the best would simply be 12 Month tabs, one for each month, but I'd like to hear how you all are dealing with future-dated to-dos. Thanks for any ideas. (I wonder if the EN team have any plans for a Growl-type notification system...)
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