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  1. One thing to try is the online chat support....I recently had a new issue and it was solved via online chat very quickly.
  2. Actually, I received a reply shortly after making the post above.
  3. I've been having the same trouble with premium support since 10/31....two tickets have been submitted with nothing more than the automated response with a ticket number. Since then nothing. I've tried initiating online chat twice during weekdays with no reply from the other end. Frustrating.
  4. @Adam: How did you obtain the beta? I requested a copy a few days ago via the web site (https://evernote.com/scannable/) but haven't received the email with the link to download. I'm guessing I just need to be more patient.
  5. Disappointing but not unexpected answer, appreciate the quick reply....thanks!!
  6. Great tip....I'm a new outlook user and this simple import method is wonderful. One question: when I send notes from outlook into evernote the note created date is the current time. Is there anyway to change the import behavior so that the "date created" field in evernote reflects the actual date/time of the receipt of the email. It is a longshot, but I figured I would ask.
  7. I came across this thread after a search for the same two issue the original poster mentioned.....These would be great features to be added in a future upgrade!
  8. I'd just like to bring this topic back up...I agree with the original poster, now that I am attaching more and more office docs and PDFs, it would be very useful to be able to search for terms in the body of the note only. I'm using a MAC, perhaps there is a way to do this with an applescript. If I figure out any such work around I'll post back here. (PS: I stumbled across this post via a forum search and didn't notice that it was in the "Windows" section....The "MAC" comment is out of place here, sorry)
  9. J-P: I have and use the livescribe system - and I like it very much...I do wish the pen was somewhat thinner as it causes my hand to cramp up during long meetings. A livescribe tablet app, for me, would be a great update/addition - see the following links: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/02/29/galaxy-note-killer-app-of-my-dreams-livescribe-smartpen/ https://support.livescribe.com/entries/20985401
  10. @ joness: is MAZEC a stand alone program? I find it referenced as part of "7Notes" - do you (and others) use it thru 7Notes or some other way?
  11. @Zephyr2020: I probably should have posted to this thread earlier, but I returned my galaxy note after a few weeks of purchasing....it just didn't make my note taking easier. It was close but just didn't do it for me. I'm still looking for a solution and am interested in the rumored Galaxy Note 8 which might be introduced @ mobile world congress soon. The addition of the latest android OS along with a smaller/lighter form factor and lower price point (as compared to the galaxy note 10.1) has me seriously considering revisiting this device family. -Ed
  12. NimhOfJoy: no, the split screen functionality is only supported with a few apps: Internet browser Polaris office S note photo gallery email I would expect that, if this tablet becomes popular, that third party apps will start to support this feature.
  13. Strange that this feature (the ability to zoom on an image) appears to be absent from the iPad.....it is available on android and makes Skitch much more usable on that platform.
  14. I received my 10.1 note yesterday and have been playing with it quite a bit....this was my first android device so some of the time I've spent getting used to the android / touchwiz interface. First off, the stylus response is excellent. It tracks input very accurately with little lag. My main purpose for the device is note taking / meeting handout markup. I've used the included S-note, Lecture Notes, and Quill programs and in my extremely limited trials found Quill to be the best in terms of handwriting (I like the fact that the pen strokes are saved as vectors and not bitmaps). I have not yet tried any annotation/markup programs so can't offer an opinion on that front. Other impressions of the Note 10.1 in general: * Very light weight, easy to carry * aspect ratio is great in landscape mode, a bit thin and tall in portrait mode (not a problem since most of my use was, and probably will continue to be, in landscape) * build quality is not on the level of an iPad. The use of plastic keeps the weight light but creates a less than "premium" feel to the device. This is not a big issue for me, but something I noticed. * The general purpose apps included (for example S planner) while functional, do not have much visual polish. * There has been much complaining on the 'net concerning the Note's screen. In my viewing of videos and photos it has seemed perfectly fine...to my eyes the screen is very nice, never giving the impression of an inferior display (and I own an iPad 3). * the overall response of the tablet has been quick with no noticeable lags when switching programs or changing home screens. * I haven't played too much with the split screen functionality, but expect that this would be a nice multi tasking option -Ed
  15. I've still not received my "Note" and I have yet to use any android devices so I can't speak to the programs available, but are there any PDF annotation programs within which you could create handwritten notes and then export the PDF to evernote? -Ed
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