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(Archived) Switching fields using keyboard

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If you are positioned in the Note List, you can move through the notes with the up and down keys

If you are positioned inside the text of a note (in the note panel), pressing F2 will move you to the note title.

Tab will cycle through 3 major areas

  • Search entry box
    Note List (highlighted note does not initially show up until you move up or down)
    Note Panel (the note title)

If you are in the tag list (the left panel), you can open and close the hierarchy structure (parent/child) by pressing the right and left keys.

i.e. Move from the note area to the title area or tag area.

I do not believe there is any key stroke combination to get to the left panel. (F10 will toggle it on and off)


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Thanks jefito. That keyboard shortcut list will help for sure. :D

Thank You jbenson2. :)

The F2 is what I was mainly looking for (Moving from the Note area to the Title area).

It would be nice to jump back to the note from the title...

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And it is the biggest key :)

I generally press every key, and every combination...I think that was the first thing that I did when I got a pc and discovered shortcuts...Ctrl +q, Ctrl + w....you get the idea :D

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