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(Archived) Fax Service

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I use a fax service that provides me a dedicated fax number, and faxes sent to this number are converted to emails and forwarded to me.

I would LOVE to send evernote my money for this service. Of course I can forward faxes directly to evernote from my 'sendtofax' account, but the process would be simplified if evernote provided the fax service. A fax number in addition to my evernote email address is something I will pay for. Anybody else?

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Probably not going to happen. It can be pricey to maintain an incoming line for calls, having a block of phone numbers, setting it up to forward the fax to the EN service and on top of it, faxing is very old tech.

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Yeah, I hate faxes, but in the real world "old tech" is still the norm. Real signatures (not digital) are required on documents, and email certainly can't replace the stability and security of a fax number.

I am currently paying for a sendtofax account - I was just curious because it seems like a good fit for EN, and another source of revenue. Drop.io had it too (miss that service).

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Yeah, I hate faxes, but in the real world "old tech" is still the norm.

FWIW, I remember when I first started supporting clients nationwide (circa 1988) that I thought faxes were just the coolest.

"Make sure your printer is on & has paper in it. Press the print screen button & fax it to me."

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If you used any "fax to email" gateway service that sends the emails with standard file formats (e.g. PDF), then you could configure that to send emails into your "incoming email address" to create notes in Evernote.

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