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  1. Yeah, this primitive feature is missing. :shock: But -- Duplicating a note is super simple. No export/import, no new notebook, no scripts,no copy no paste . . . Find your note. Edit>Email note. (windows might be under Share>email) Email the note back to evernote (get your email address from your accounts page) You can change the title, also notebook and tag , using @notebook and #tag1 (search for email help if you've never tried it). Can we all just get along?
  2. Let me correct myself - You cannot print multiple notes using the mac platform, using "save to pdf". If you send the multiple notes to your printer, they will print, one page per note. You can get multiple pdf's from multiple notes by selecting File>Print>PDF>Open PDF in Preview. You can't print multiple notes using OSX Lion (yet). Lion is not ready for prime time, and won't create accurate PDF's of even single notes. You can print multiple notes from windows. This means you can set Adobe PDF as the printer and save multiple notes to PDF. (Assuming you have a pdf printer installed). This is fantastic. The other option to print multiple notes is to merge them. This will fit more than one note per page (for small notes). Since merging is not reversible you could select multiple notes and email them in one email back to yourself, or even back to EN. EN just got better
  3. Thanks, fortunately I have not experienced the problem. Between the ScanSnap, ScanDrop and email, sending the scan to email (mail.app) provides the most usability. It gives me an area to add notes, and I can tag(#) it and assign to a notebook(@) without ever looking at or opening EN. ScanDrop lets you tag it too, but you have to scroll through all your tags. I now use ScanDrop for sending to Google Docs. Works great, and you can select the folder from the scan window.
  4. You can easily make up your own marker to find sections within text. For example, if you want to mark a section with a keyword, just prefix it with a number, such as 8dog (8-dog works too). Write this above the area you want to mark. To find the section, do a text search for the keyword, in this case '8dog'. This will ignore "dog" and only bring up notes with your mark, and highlight the keywords. You can play with your notation - any number will work, but characters such as #, %, (),†, @ are ignored. #dog just finds all 'dog'. A few special characters will work, such as œ, π. and ƒ (Option-q, Opt-p and Option-f on a mac). π-dog might look better than 8dog. If you want to get fancy (and have time) you can hide or reduce visibility of your tag by changing it to light gray (or white). The text search as awesome - I never use a tag search when looking for something specific, only when searching for a group of notes.
  5. Actually, I answered the first of your three questions, then suggested that you ask in the specific forum for your then-unknown client. As I say, they operate differently sometimes. Wow, the right-click works on both the Mac and Windows - Thanks for getting this sorted out. I was surprised to learn EN now supports 250 notebooks, as well as 10k tags, yes that is crazy if anyone comes close -- at that point just text search! Thanks for the help. Knowledge base doesn't mention it - and this makes EN less cumbersome (but shows the learning process can be a challenge and knowledge base skips many details).
  6. I use both Windows and Mac (and web). My question was if you can nest a tag upon creation. inkedmn answered my question, thanks! Unfortunately not what I wanted to hear. EN can be fantastic at times . . . and at times really cumbersome. Since up to 10,000 tags are allowed, this is would be a very (very) helpful feature.
  7. Is it possible to add tags nested under a tag? I want to add 80 tags nested under "File." Do I have to drag and drop every one of them? Or is there a syntax for creating "Verizon" under "File"? Kevin.
  8. Much needed. It would be great to print to PDF and have a backup of information. Unfortunately printing is by one note at a time, and the export function outputs to EN format or XML.
  9. Interesting post - but your assessment does not 'fit' all Some information is structured. Some information is best organized in an hierarchical fashion. " Where to file the square green thing? Look at the invoice. File it under the vendor. There is no decision making required in an organized filing structure with non-arbitrary items. With key words (or tags) it is possible to search for all the 'green' stuff you have ordered, but for bookkeeping purposes organizing invoices by vendor is a requirement. Moving from paper to digital gains the ability to search using other criteria (all green objects), however the information should still be stored logically, and 'containers' provide the best method. For example, I want all my employees' information to be segregated by employee. Each employee needs to have a separate 'container' or file. (Because of the notebook limitation and lack of subnotebooks, I can't setup a system with employee files) Also, having a structured storage system allows for simple workflow. (With paper) I can hand a new employee a hundred receipts, show them the file cabinet and just say "file these by vendor". A digital system should be as easy. WIth a paper system, I rarely 'search' for items. I just get it. Grab the folder for XYZ bank, current statement is on top. Easy to find, because I know what container to grab, no search required. Now I have them archived on google docs. No search required - go to 'company/bankstatements/' and what I need is there. There is a difference between information organization and information retrieval. Just because retrieval becomes more powerful, doesn't mean (structured) information should not be organized in storage. Tags are great, but using only tags creates a 'messy file cabinet'. Of course, for information collection, for notes and free form data EN is fantastic. Web clippings, notes, passwords, important emails, contacts . . . EN is great at grabbing information, and this information is available wherever I am at. As I begin to digitize my filing system, the limitations of EN are apparent.
  10. Looks like you cannot print multiple notes. If I select 3 notes, it prints the last note. This is a serious deficiency.
  11. Actually, this is more useful than being just a workaround. Solved 2 lacking features in a speedy workflow. Benefits: 1. Instant backup to gmail 2. Tag and assign to notebook easily (using @notebook #tag1 in email title) 3. Added 'template' features using email signature line - (Check Number, Date Paid, Memo, etc) I never send mail from my gmail acount - I set up a signature line for that account that is a form for additional information. Very easy setup on the mac, next step is to do the same on my PC.
  12. Your data is on your computer - on a mac it is at /users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data/content Notes are in numbered folders such as p123 etc, with gaps. There is an html file and a two png files - as well as any attachment (which gets renamed from it's original file name). Looks like the database is in the data folder. The real question . . . Can everything be rebuilt with the evernote.sql file and all the html files? My guess is yes. But since EV is on the web, and on multiple systems (with additional backups) I'm not too worried about it.
  13. The mail-to-evenote is a fantistic service, and fantastic that items can be tagged and sorted to notebooks by inserting @Notebook #tag1 #tag2 in the email title. viewtopic.php?f=30&t=15751&p=62355&hilit=tag+email#p62355 Why can't we do this directly with note titles? (Sure, I hear the excuse someone might want to use # and @ in note titles . . . ) I'm exploring the use of Evernote as a paperless filing system for Quickbooks (not linked, of course). The incentive is to keep the workflow simple, allow multi-user access, and save $250 over products such as papersaveplus. The drawback is that it is not linked to transactions nor accessible from within Quickbooks. SInce most of the filing is 'file and forget' - the use of notebooks and tags should be adequate. First problem is the Fujitsu Scansnap software sends to Evernote without allowing an edit of the note title. Using Scandrop ($10 mac app store) I can preview the scan and edit the title. However, the # and @ do not work as they do in email. Solution (work-around) is to scan to mail.app. Then I can tag and save in notebook of my choice. I can also edit the note, add written comments. This is such a great way to presort notes, email entry of regular notes can be simpler than using the Evernote application. Takes just a second to type "ev" in the "to" box. It would be very useful to use the email automatic sort feature for regular notes, and especially for scanned notes. Is there a way to turn this on for everything?
  14. Another great workflow is Scandrop. Free for Windows, now $9.99 for mac (I swear I paid $2 last week) but worth it. Works with a variety of scanners. http://www.officedrop.com/scandrop-scan ... -software/ PC: http://www.officedrop.com/scandrop-scanning-software/ I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 and this software takes over where the ScanSnap software stops. Note the ScanSnap does not have an 'organizer' for mac, only windows. Scandrop gives you a visual look at each scan (for arrangement or deletion) and can easily switch output to evernote, google docs, printer, file folders, etc. I can put together long documents (100 pages +) in a pdf and verify scanning, page orientation and arrangement before committing the scans to file. The basic settings are still set in ScanSnap (see scandrop support page for setup). Note the "scan" icon does not start a scan with Scandrop, it is initiated with the button the the scanner. The ScanSnap comes in a Mac and PC version, but I think the only difference is the color (Mac is all white, PC's white/black or black). Software bundled may be different, I didn't look if the Acrobat Pro is Mac only or both versions. Also, the scanner is much smaller than the pictures indicate, and it folds up to a small "box".
  15. They are Here 8) http://www.evernote.com/about/kb/articl ... ts?lang=en Global Shortcuts: http://blog.evernote.com/2009/04/06/eve ... pdate-1_4/
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