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(Archived) Evernote speed solution? put PDFs in separate notebook



i ready somewhere that it may help make Evernote Mac (and ios?) faster if you separate your PDFs or exclude them from your main account and/or notebook. i am not sure how to do this but would like to see if anyone else has tried this.

Evernote continues to be sluggish even with the latest versions and support does not seem to have good ideas. I still go back and forth with them every now and then and they just seem to be spinning their wheels.

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Putting the PDF's in a separate notebook would cause an uproar amongst the long term users. I don't have a solution, but here is some past communication on the issue.

In the Windows version, there was a sluggish problem with PDF's and text on the same note several versions ago. One could type faster than the screen update would happen.

Back on Oct 27, 2010, Emerick said:

  • "This is now fixed in revision 107270 and should be available in this week's prerelease. We were performing an expensive image-related operation on every keystroke (this is why it only affected notes with PDFs / images). In the future, we'll work on optimizing that operation; for now, we took it out, since it's non-essential."

There was a similar posting on the Mac forum around the same time.


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