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(Archived) Feature Request: Link notes to other notes



Pretty Please with sugar on top:

Add an option to link text/images from one note in EN to another note in EN. When text is selected you can add a link to a URL in the Format menu, can we please have an option there to link to other notes?

Evernote as a personal Wiki

This software & service combo is strong enough to warrant a full investment of my exocortical assets. There remains only one feature to promote Evernote to a fully-functional neural-network of external reference data, and that is linking notes. Should this ever be the case, you will find that people who are serious about having a personal knowledge database that well-integrated, extensible, widely-accessible, and easily searchable will find Evernote to be THE solution.

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I think that this would be a useful feature, and Evernote has said that they want to do it. As BurgersNFries said, there's a lot of discussion available if you want more detail.

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