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  1. I, like many others, find that writing in a syntax like Markdown is both powerful and convenient. It leverages the power of common HTML elements like links, images, and text formatting without the friction of extensive markup. Because it begins as plain text, it is extremely portable and easy to write. Markdown compiles as valid HTML, and I would love to be able to paste this HTML into an Evernote note and have Evernote render this HTML as if it were created in the native Evernote WYSIWYG. Right now, it just attaches a webpage, which I have to open in Safari, which makes me sad because I like staying in Evernote. Being that Evernote notes are already stored as HTML, it would seem logical that one would be able to drop raw HTML into a note and have it represented as if it had originated in the Evernote WYSIWYG.
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