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(Archived) Notebooks pane collapsed on every launch of the client



On every launch of the Mac Client, the notebook section is collapsed. And if I open that section, it shows me just the top 3 notebooks no matter how big the notebook section was, when I've quit the client last time. Somehow the client doesn't seem to save the GUI state on quit.

So on every launch I first have to open the notebook section and then drag the keywords slider down to reveal all my notebooks. That drives me nuts. :cry:

The bug is there since the beta 2.0 and has not been fixed in the release version or the latest 2.04 b1.

Any chance to fix this soon?


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I don't see this behavior on my Mac, so maybe something is corrupted in your Mac settings storage. You could try:

Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar

Open the Mac "Terminal" application

Type or paste this line into the Terminal:

defaults delete com.evernote.Evernote

Start Evernote

See if that allows the client to remember the UI state better when you quit and re-launch the app.

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Did exactly what you suggested.

Did even trash the Evernote app and redownload a new copy.

But didn't solve the issue.

Did some testing to narrow it down:

Seems the "saved searches" area is the culprit. If I have this area closed when quitting Evernote, the other areas keep their sizes after restart.

If I had opened saved searches, this area occupies about half the vertical space in the left pane on restart, even if I had deleted all saved searched prior to quitting Evernote (aka. area is empty). The closing of the notebooks area is a consequence of leaving not enough space after this massive increase in space of the empty saved search area.


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