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(Archived) Editing a Note - Cursor Jumps to Top of Note


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I know I saw this recently in another post but couldn't find that one handily so I started a new thread.

I sometimes create fairly long notes from a number of blocks of cut-and-pasted text. In the past - all builds to-date - the cursor would stay where I stops entering text while I click on the browser taskbar button, highlight and cut another block of text, and then bring EN back into focus and paste the text right there at the cursor. Now however as soon as I click the browser taskbar button and highlight/copy some more text, when I bring Evernote back into focus the cursor is sitting at the very start of that note again. Not that it is extremely difficult to scroll back down to where I was to paste, but it is an annoyance! At first I found myself pasting the text at the top of the note before I realized what had happened... we get into habits when doing any repetitive task! I would guess that this behavior was changed intentionally; must have been bugging someone before the change.

When I saw the other post that mentioned this I didn't think much of it. Until I ran into it myself and realized just how annoying this change is. Any way I can change the behavior back to the way it was? INI file edit or registry edit?

Thank you.


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Also, if you are working in the note list when you make any changes to the note it would be nice if you could stay in the area where you were - this is inconsistent. I understand that if I change the name of the note it will reorder the list according to the order set, but it is a little frustrating when I am working on a large number of notes ...

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I too often find myself pasting things (text, images, PDFs) at the bottom of long notes. It's really annoying that the cursor position in the EN note pops to the top every time I go to the source to copy material to the clipboard and then return to EN.

Along with the OP, I too am fairly certain that this bad behavior is new; in some past builds it did not happen.

I hope EN will take note [pun not intended, really] and fix it.

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