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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new version, tauAlphaC. I installed just now. For me at least, the problem is gone! Interesting that it doesn't list this issue in the release notes. 😕
  2. I can come up with more: Wear and tear on my laptop's fans, and an increased volume of air taken into my laptop's innards means quicker accumulation of dust inside, which will necessitate more frequent cleaning, if these parts can be accessed at all. Evernote has said that they prefer to be notified of problems here, on the forum, yet Evernote often ignores threads, like this one, that seem to communicate a genuine issue. Weeks ago I tried to bring this up with Evernote "support," but they responded as if this issue was unique to me. I got nowhere.
  3. I too have this issue, and all auto sync options are turned off here too. The issue started a few weeks ago when I upgraded to 6.15.3.something, and continuing to, which EN says is the latest as of this moment. In my case, the high CPU usage depends on the size of the note displayed in the note pane. If the note is small, a few lines of text or just one visible page of stuff, the CPU usage is very low and would have never attracted my attention. But on notes that are very large, say tens of MB in size and many vertical scrolling pages long, if displayed in the pane they cause EN to continuously consume 20-30% CPU on my i7-8550U CPU & 16GB RAM laptop. The fans get loud. As a workaround, I put a shortcut to a tiny note in that upper row where favorites can go. I click that note whenever I'm not using EN for a specific task. I started a support ticket on this a couple weeks ago, after once again laboring to find the entry point to the well-hidden support process. I got a reply quickly, asking me the routine drag-me-through-the-mud "support" steps (like try reinstalling, send activity log). I started with this, but failed to answer an email within 48 hours so my ticket was closed. (That's a great way to make support even more unpleasant, and reduce the number of support requests received.) I have not yet returned to this issue with EN support. Anyway, I notice that on a second PC, a desktop with an i7-7700T CPU & 16GB RAM that's running the same EN version, there is no increase in CPU usage when a large note is viewed. So this problem is reserved for my laptop, with its particular hardware configuration.
  4. 1. The Evernote Discussion Forum Code of Conduct, item 10, says "Do not post hollow or useless replies, such as simply 'lol', ‘cool', 'first post', etc. Only post responses when you have something to contribute; otherwise use the ‘like’ button." One thing I often want to do is to give a "+1" or "I agree" reply to a poster, particularly a poster who has posted about a software bug that I am also experiencing. I want to do this to call more developers' attention to the bug. But when I click the 'like' button (which is just a heart symbol, no text; this is a UI problem in itself although I admit by now most of us know what it means) I don't get to 'like' until I choose one of four crazy icons, each of which have tooltips that say, respectively, Thanks, Haha, Confused, Sad. These words, combined with the whimsical appearance of the icons, don't at all convey my attitude toward the bug, which is one of frustration mostly. So, none comes close to me posting a +1, or making a post that repeats in my own words the other poster's bug report. It would be great of the 'like' button could come close to my reason for liking. 2. I was composing a post in a thread, and when I dragged and dropped an image into my post in progress, it did not appear. Adding an image by dragging and dropping has worked in the past. I tried it repeatedly and nothing. Then I noticed the Insert Other Media dropdown, and selected Insert existing attachment. That worked, but a large box appeared at the bottom of my post, showing me the media I had inserted in large icon format, and there were two of the attachments. Also there were two of the actual images in my post. So, adding an image to my post was a mess, filled with unexpected results. Then I tried to delete the extra one, by selecting one of the large icons, or right clicking on one of the large attachment icons for options, or moving the cursor to the right location in the post body, and then using the delete or backspace key as if it was text. Nothing worked. How does one delete an image, once it's added to a post? 3. I wanted to see my own past activity on the forum. I found two ways to do this, but they don't work the same. (i) Up in the top heading there's a row with Forum, My Activity Streams, Community Resources. Under My Activity Streams, I chose Content I Posted In. That gives me the several recent threads I posted in. But it does not go back far enough. A thread I started and posted in from Feb 2017 is missing. Thinking I might be able to modify the search parameters, I tried the Create New Stream option. But I can't change anything in the resulting dialog. There are a bunch of radio buttons, but clicking on any of them scrolls the page to the top and changes nothing. (ii) On the other hand, if I go to the dropdown under my username in the upper right corner, select Profile, I see a list of activity below, which goes all the way back to 2015. Problem solved. But why is the My Activity Streams thing broken, both in not going back as far as my Profile, and not allowing me to customize it, as the UI hints is possible?
  5. I have several questions and comments about this forum in general. I can't post in the Community Announcements. Right here, Evernote General Discussions, seems to be the least-bad place to post. Have I missed a better place?
  6. Hi TK0047. I don't use the online version; in fact, I had forgotten it exists. I went there, and boy was I surprised. It used to be a fairly close replica of the Windows UI. Now, it's very different, and ... Never mind, I was going to list its shortcomings, but this is not the topic for that. Anyway, the note content is there, so that proves that it really exists in the EN cloud. That's a good thing. I'm still gonna stay with 6.13 for now. Glutton for punishment is the hackneyed phrase that describes me at the moment. ?
  7. Another bug: In the note panel, the one that displays the note content, directly below the note title is a row that contains items such the name of the containing notebook, tags, URL of source, date, and a control to display the editing toolbar. If the URL is very long, it scrunches up the notebook name and tags items to its left, and moves the date and editing tool bar items completely off the right side of the EN window so that they are not reachable or usable. This is a problem because I can't control URL length, but I want the other controls in this row to be present and usable. It used to be (6.7 and previous) that the non-URL items would stay put, and the URL would be truncated to fit. Edit: Sorry about the redundant 2nd image. I had to upload it twice to see it once in the preview while I was composing this post. And now I can't delete it.
  8. Since I upgraded from 6.7 to 6.13, I've noticed that one of my notes has gone missing. (I hope there aren't more like this.) You can see the note's snippet is still there, it still has content, and it still shows up when searched for. But the note itself is completely empty. I imported from Note History, but it too is empty. All of my Windows PCs have not yet been upgraded from 6.7. On a PC with 6.7 this note's contents are still visible.
  9. This topic links to a security hotfix for version 6.7. I had been on 6.7 myself, until I got the Update Required email. I figured it had been so long since I updated, I should just jump in. Shoulda checked the forum first. While I like the improved spell checker with its error underlining that actually works, and the app appears a bit faster in general, I'm already seeing many of the bugs that others have mentioned in this thread. For now I'll stay with 6.13; I hope the bugs are fixed soon. ?
  10. Can we please get real scroll bars back? You know, the wider ones with an arrow button at the top and an arrow button at the bottom. (I'm talking about vertical scroll bars, in the text entry panel.) Recently the scroll bars got "modernized" or something, which may look pretty but is much less usable. If I have a big note and want to scroll a line or a few lines at a time, the missing up and down buttons would make this trivially easy. Without them, I can only scroll a page at a time and it's hard to do this near the beginning or end of a note because the space above or below the little light-gray rectangle "handle" is minuscule. That, and the facts that light gray has poor contrast with the rest of the bar (and this rest of the bar, being white, has no contrast at all with the note text panel background), and the width of the scroll bar has also been reduced, means quite a bit of mouse-position fiddling and mistaken clicks. The original Windows kind of scroll bars are fine, and need no "improvement." Give us back reasonable, easy-to-use scroll bars, please. This may be a good place to also mention mouse-wheel scrolling, because the problem with mouse-wheel scrolling exacerbates the problem with the vertical scroll bars. For many years, perhaps since I started using EN in 2011, mouse-wheel scrolling has been broken. Simply put, I have my mouse wheel set in Windows to scroll one page at a time (one page per click of the wheel). In EN, one click of the wheel scrolls more than one page (maybe about a page and half), so it skips over some text each time. This means I can't use mouse-wheel scrolling as a workaround for the problems with the scroll bar. Mouse-wheel scrolling works correctly with web browsers or other programs like MS Word, so it's an EN issue, not a system issue. EN please fix it.
  11. I upgraded and have been annoyed by the wide side margins. So, to the forum I go to see if others share my concern. They do! And here I am! I figure that the best way to properly inform Evernote of the seriousness of this issue is to join others who have created a trouble ticket about it. But I find that Evernote seems to have scrubbed their app, their website, and the web app of any references to support. Eventually (I've been at this for at least a half hour) I find help.evernote.support, answer a bunch of questions reminiscent of navigating through one of those IVR phone systems that companies that really don't want to hear from their customers have, and end up at a support page. (Here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=176627 ) Then more questions, which I answer honestly, saying that my topic is general product feedback. The response from the page is "The best way to share your feedback is by posting in the Evernote Forums. The forums are actively monitored by our product and support teams, and allow you to discuss your feedback in more detail." So, here I am, again. I choose not to be disingenuous to get a support ticket. For the product and support teams which actively monitor the forums and are reading this: I hate the wide margins. It's to accommodate the new table UI? That's just one element in a note, one which appears only if there's a table. I don't see why all text has to shift just because of a table. Go back to your developers, have them make tables independent of the text, and fix the margins! Maybe it's a little bit harder, but do it please.
  12. Hi. Me again. Late to the party. And thanks gazumped for your reply. I need to say that even though most may consider the sync changes positive, I do not. Especially since... I didn't notice it at first but the problem is much worse. It seems that Evernote auto syncs among all clients when a change of any kind is made on any client. In other words, all those checkboxes in Options, such as 'Enable instant sync,' Enable on demand sync,' 'Synchronize automatically,' are just a cruel joke. I have all the checkboxes except 'Synchronize shortcuts' not selected on all clients and, as I said, sync is automatic, instant, and happens in all cases whether I "demand" it or not. It'd just be nice if these options actually meant something. Instead of just complaining here, maybe I'll contact support soon. I wish it were less unpleasant to do so. - John P.S. I want EN to sync only when I ask for it; never at any other time. My reason is this:
  13. I just let several PCs upgrade to Windows client version (304720) Public. I'm not sure which version was installed previously, but it was only a month or three old. Now I find that Evernote autosyncs on startup. I don't want this behavior and don't see a way to turn it off. In Tools > Options > Synchronization, all the checkboxes are unchecked except for 'Synchronize shortcuts'. Before this version upgrade, syncing never occurred unless manually initiated by me, which is the behavior I want. Are others experiencing this issue? Has a way to fix this been found?
  14. When I create a new note I want the option, in the Mac client, to (1) put my typing cursor in the note body and (2) auto-fill the note title with the first line of note body text. I'm not asking for this to be default behavior; I just want it to be a Preferences option. You (EN devs) already know how to do this - the Windows client (maybe others too) already does it. And you (EN devs) even do it already for Mac, in notes created with the EN Helper menu icon. (But that's not a good enough workaround.) And I know there have been many other requests for this functionality - I searched the forum. But as far as I can tell there hasn't been a request yet this year. So here's 2015's request. Why not just go ahead and implement it in 6.0.7?
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