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(Archived) Feature Request & Question

Viv Ilo Veith


The question is - is there a thread of feature requests and suggestions? I could not find a section of the forum specifically for that.

The feature request is:

Making it so we can password protect specific notebooks or/and notes.

This would just be an added layer of protection if a computer or device got stolen. It would make me feel more comfortable at least!

I use Mac and Android versions of Evernote and am a Premium user - in case it matters.

However, my hunch is that this feature would be appreciated by Premium users on all platforms.

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You can encrypt text within notes. Anything heftier than that is not supported. Please search on the word "security" for more info. It may not necessarily apply to Mac/Android, but EN's stance on this is pretty much across the board, regardless of OS.

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Security such as password protection is very important. I'm not technical at all but I never store any important document on my macbook, but having EverNote installed on my macbook and iphone I'm afraid that someone would be able to access it if I lost my Macbook/iphone, a password option for opening the app i believe is a must for a general user like me, therefore i'm still hesitate to store important notes/documents on EverNote - making it much less useful...

I'm pretty sure that i will discontinue my premium account if i don't see this feature available in the near future...

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OK then, based on everything Evernote have said in public it looks like you will be going.

From a different thread but I think the reply applies here too.

Re: How to log out

by metrodon on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:05 pm

Dropbox is often compared to Evernote for a bunch of reasons.

You can't log out of Dropbox on a Mac - you can unlink, which I'm guessing removes any data from your local machine.

This seems really simple to me - on your own computer you are responsible for the security of your data and so you take steps to protect it.

If you are using a work computer or a friend's computer or anyone that doesn't belong to you and you are using a service like Evernote or Dropbox then you choose the web. This helps to prevent you from inadvertently downloading private data.

I'm going to throw in my new favourite signature here:

This is not going to either...

Not get a premium account

Give my premium account back

Stop me buying premium accounts for the thousands of people in my company

Stop me using a free account and make me go back to OneNote, Things, etc

etc, etc, ad nauseum

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I am going to pull this topic back from your hijack. Yes, I also think it is entirely foolish for someone to "threaten" that they will stop being a premium user or a user at all if they do not get their way . . . but just because someone posted something like that it is not a reason to hijack a topic. Nor does it make sense to argue feature requests people make because you personally use Evernote in a different way.

The topic here is simply this: A feature request for a way to password protect either specific notes or a specific notebook.

The Answer is: As Burger&Fries mentioned above, you can encrypt text inside a note.

Here is a short video that shows how to encrypt the text. Very simple!

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Hardly a hijack, more pointing out (as has been done many many times before on here) what the Evernote people have said about security.

They provide the ability to encrypt the text in a note - everything else is currently down to you as a user. In my view, if you don't like it, or it doesn't satisfy your needs then the best bet is to look for another application that does.

I think these forums could really do with a FAQ, many of the same questions are repeated ad nauseum. I'm amazed by the patience of the Evernote people, BnF & Jefito and their willingness to continue posting the same answers again and again for people who can't or won't use the search box.

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