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EVN v10 android wont stop converting checkboxes to checklists. help please?

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we (husband and I, android users, at least 18,000 or more notes across all the notebooks)...

recently did the convert to v10 as mandated.

our notes in the legacy version were organized with checkboxes, usually displayed as bulleted or numbered indented lists, with the checkbox at start of line.

practically every note contains this type of structure for our system we developed of managing the notes. We are very long time users.

the new evernote
1) converted most of these to a checklist (the checkLIST has no indent or bullet obviously)

2) it added a checkBOX next to the checkLIST (both boxes look similar but are different code)

we have changed these back to a bulleted list and the checkboxes like we had them prior/all along

we do our work and then...

evernote changes them back!!! 
we don't want checklists

please help!? 


PS - inexplicably... ts also not even consistently 'effing' these up. there is no discernable pattern. occasionally, on line of a note we fixed to be a checkbox stays. more often, evernote keeps changing the checkbox bulleted list to its checklist format with our checkboxes mixed in.

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The only way of ensuring that EN does not convert a checkbox at the beginning of the line into a checklist is to put another character before the checkbox. I simply use a period. Fortunately a checklist is ideal for most of my uses so I only have to do it for a few notes where I really need a checkbox.

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Checkboxes organized as a list will be converted into a checklist.

If you go back in the Forum, this was a main topic shortly after v10 was released. Back then there was no option to switch off the strikeout - so it was checklist plus strikeout for everybody. There were a lot of posts about it, and about a year later the toggle for the strikeout was added.

That‘s it. Without knowing I think for the few late switchers from legacy this will not be changed any more. So make your peace with checklists - fighting against a system function is a loosing battle. If you don’t like the conversion, try the same on desktop.

Checklists can be indented as well. What is really nice about checklists: If you hover with the mouse pointer over a list item, 4 dots will appear in front of the line. This is a handle that allows to grab it and move the whole line up or down. Much better for sorting a list, instead of the old selection of the text, and moving this.

To keep a checkbox at the beginning of a line follow the advise from @Mike P . The regular use of checkboxes are now integrated in a text flow, for example to create a template with checkable options in a text.

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