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Import folder imports dozens, if not hundreds, of copies of files taking up tons of storage

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A couple of times a year, when I put some files into my import folder, I will come to find that EN has attempted to import dozens, if not hundreds, of copies of those files. In addition to being a major pain to straighten out, it eats up a lot of my allotted storage for the month. When my storage is full, EN puts the excess files into a folder on my Mac. There will be dozens in there too. 

In the past, EN tech help has reset my storage but the root cause is still happening. Any ideas on what I can do to try to straighten this out on my own? It seems to happen infrequently and irregularly. 


EN 10.82.2-mac-ddl-public (20240327123857)
Editor: v177.12.1
Service: v1.98.1

macOS 14.4.1

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The Downloads folder is a special folder of MacOS.

Without knowing if this has anything to do with the mass import: Use a folder in another place, like the Desktop or in your Documents area.

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