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  1. A couple of times a year, when I put some files into my import folder, I will come to find that EN has attempted to import dozens, if not hundreds, of copies of those files. In addition to being a major pain to straighten out, it eats up a lot of my allotted storage for the month. When my storage is full, EN puts the excess files into a folder on my Mac. There will be dozens in there too. In the past, EN tech help has reset my storage but the root cause is still happening. Any ideas on what I can do to try to straighten this out on my own? It seems to happen infrequently and irregularly. Thanks! EN 10.82.2-mac-ddl-public (20240327123857) Editor: v177.12.1 Service: v1.98.1 macOS 14.4.1
  2. UPDATE: Things are still borked on the web app. "Note Unavailable" for most all notes. I worked through EN Support and they had me do another full uninstall and then reinstall. All my notes seemed to have come back. Somehow this happened almost immediately. Don't understand how they could all be back if they were deleted locally in the uninstall process. Clearly I don't understand how this works. Still, glad that it has likely has been resolved. Cheers Ty
  3. UPDATE: I was wrong about the web instance working properly. Same general symptoms, notes are listed but have no content in them and are messaging "Note Unavailable." This is not going well.😟
  4. I was running into problems with EN today. The problems were persistent so I decided to try to rebuild the desktop instance of EN. I feel like I uninstalled everything properly (perhaps I didn't), but now that it seems like EN is trying to rebuild everything it is very, very, very slow going. Like in the last hour it has downloaded about 0.5MB (yes, half a megabyte). I've restarted the app, rebooted my computer . . .nothing so far. My notes are listed in the desktop app but have no content in the notes themselves. They say "Note Unavailable." The web version of things looks good to me though. So, I am looking for help troubleshooting. Should I try to do a fresh install again? Perhaps, I messed that up. How do I ensure I do it properly? Should I just let it run? Perhaps it will be done downloading my notes in 2337. Open to suggestions and getting desperate. Thanks! Evernote 10.81.4-mac-ddl-public (20240320152323) Editor: v177.9.4 Service: v1.97.1 on MacBook Pro running OS 14.4
  5. I'm experiencing nearly the same thing. The differences include my browser is reporting a 403 Forbidden not a 503 Forbidden message and my PDFs *are* affected too.
  6. Recently (I just noticed this today) EN notes that I share as web pages do not have images appearing in the web page. I ran a handful of tests with new notes today and it seems to be across most if not all of my shared pages. The images and PDFs do appear in my desktop EN app and in the web version of EN. Again, I am talking about images and PDFs in notes shared as a web page. Here's an example of one of my test notes created today. It is a note with a handful of small jpgs and some PDFs in it. As of this posting, those images do not appear and the PDFs are not downloadable in the shared web page version of the note. I'm running: macOS 14.2.1 EN desktop 10.71.2-mac-ddl-public (20240109093604) Editor: v176.50.1 Service: v1.87.1 Safari 17.2.1 Chrome Version 120.0.6099.234 (Official Build) (x86_64) EN iOS 10.64.0 (1214952) Would love to hear about the experience of others with this feature. I've considered syncing delays (it has been hours if not days), old vs new notes (I've tested with note created today), ad blockers, and probably other things I've forgotten. Try it yourself and see how it goes and let me know! Cheers
  7. I'm experiencing this too. I created an entirely new note on the latest version. In the note is a single 3MB JPG. Using a shared link the image doesn't appear on a web page. The image does appear in the web version of EN. Seems to be happening for all my notes shared as web pages.
  8. For years I've had a number of shortcuts for tags in the left bar of Evernote. Recently, when trying to use them they are very unreliable. A click on one of them will not display a list of notes using that tag used to be the case. Now, that click usually just shows one note that may or may not have that tag. This will go on for a few minutes and then the shortcuts will start working as expected again. I haven't been able to find this experience mentioned elsewhere through using search. Is this a known problem? I tried to recreate the shortcuts but that hasn't changed things. Thanks Evernote for macOS 10.615 macOS 13.5.2
  9. I have an Import into Evernote folder on my Mac that I've been using for months. Today, I put five files in it and things went haywire. Next thing I knew, I was getting nonstop Mac Notifications of EN note creation and messages from EN that my 10GB of monthly storage had been consumed. I placed another file in that Import folder and nothing happened. No EN note was created. Anyone know how to delete 1,000+ notes easily? How do I get my storage allocation straightened out? EN 10.42.7 Thanks!
  10. This recently started to happen. When I send an email to my Evernote email account for filing, the created notes are getting assigned to Notebooks I did not ask for. In the past, unless I defined a Notebook in the email's subject line, the new note defaulted to the Notebook I wanted it to go in. Now, it feels like it is using some sort of smart filing like I find on the web clipper. Just a notion though. It is really messing up my work flow by throwing of my saved searches. Where may I find the settings that tell EN how to file notes created from inbound emails? EN macOS 10.40.9
  11. Since I upgraded to 10.x I've been confused by the expected behavior for images in notes including searching for text within images. First, when I place an image in a note they aren't always visible nor can I make all of them visible. It is hit and miss. Some can and some can't. Here's an example of one image I added that can only be viewed as an attachment. So my first question is why can this image only be viewed as an attachment while other images may be viewed inline? What is the limitation? In this case the image is a 35MB jpg. I've seen this limitation with PDFs as well. Some can only be attachments. My second question is, attachment or not, should I still be able to search for text within the image? As it seems to me now, I can't search for text within an attachment. Searching for text that I know is in the image produces no results. This behavior seems contrary to my pre-10.x experience so I'm being thrown on what to expect. I'm currently using: Mac OS 11.4 10.18.3-mac-ddl-public (2820) Editor: v128.0.16354 Service: v1.37.11 Thanks!
  12. FWIW I'm experiencing something similar on the Mac desktop version. I had a saved search for -tag:* and in a Notebook called ACTION PENDING. Since the last update, the saved search is returning results with tags when there should be no tagged notes in the results. It does appear connected to the last updated.
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