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  1. Since I upgraded to 10.x I've been confused by the expected behavior for images in notes including searching for text within images. First, when I place an image in a note they aren't always visible nor can I make all of them visible. It is hit and miss. Some can and some can't. Here's an example of one image I added that can only be viewed as an attachment. So my first question is why can this image only be viewed as an attachment while other images may be viewed inline? What is the limitation? In this case the image is a 35MB jpg. I've seen this limitation with PDFs as well. Some can only be attachments. My second question is, attachment or not, should I still be able to search for text within the image? As it seems to me now, I can't search for text within an attachment. Searching for text that I know is in the image produces no results. This behavior seems contrary to my pre-10.x experience so I'm being thrown on what to expect. I'm currently using: Mac OS 11.4 10.18.3-mac-ddl-public (2820) Editor: v128.0.16354 Service: v1.37.11 Thanks!
  2. FWIW I'm experiencing something similar on the Mac desktop version. I had a saved search for -tag:* and in a Notebook called ACTION PENDING. Since the last update, the saved search is returning results with tags when there should be no tagged notes in the results. It does appear connected to the last updated.
  3. I'm running EN on my Mac (OS 10.13.6). It is the latest version of EN. I have a note that is just a table. Four columns and a few dozen rows. Recently, I've been unable to select cells within the table. It is hit or miss. A few cells I can select by double clicking or click and drag. Interestingly, in the rows I cannot select I also cannot add a row using the "+" on the left side of the table border. I can edit the text and color of these cells though. I've tried copying and pasting into a new note with no luck. If the table corrupted or something like that. How do I un-corrupt it? Thanks
  4. Noting that the invisible Reminder list issue is still prevalent as of this writing. Running EN 7.2.3 (456885 Direct) on OS 10.13.6
  5. I hear ya. I resort to typing in full names or descriptors when I feel inspired (and the list isn't too long). However, I'm interested in less work, not more. ? I can think of some other approaches. Make the inline elements drag-able so that one can extend them as long or short as one wants. Have something similar to the Make Table of Content Feature where you select multiple inline elements and then the command generates the full text in a linking list paste-able somewhere in the note. I use this all the time for selecting multiple notes.
  6. I would like to see the full name of inline attachments. Or at least something longer than what is seen now. The truncation experienced, like that seen below, is difficult to work with especially with a long list of documents.
  7. Thanks. Still an issue as of 7.1. Adjusting columns seems to have no effect on my end.
  8. I have a number of shortcuts that are saved searches for filtering. Often, when first selected the results seem to be found, but the titles of the notes are not listed. For example, in the image below I find 9 notes with the filter but none of the titles are shown. I can click on the list where the titles should be and the selected note changes. Hoever, again I cannot see the titles themselves. Sometimes I can get them to appear by clicking around to other shortcuts but it doesn't seem to be working as intended for sure. Mac OS 10.13.3 / Evernote 7.0.3
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