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(Archived) Ink-Notes for Mac Evernote



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We're not currently working on ink support for the Mac client, although you can use any sketching/drawing application to make an image (like Skitch) and then drag that onto Evernote to make a note with that image.

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Any particulate reason why this is not implemented in the Mac edition?

Not being able to quickly switch from keyboard writing to manual notes with pen

(priceless when needing to write down more advanced formulas in math, physics etc.)

Just makes Evernote completely useless for School related usage.

Was really hoping i could buy me a Wacom writing board and finally throw my LiveScribe pen in the trash...

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Ipad and export still doesnt solve the problem.

Being able to seamlessly combine keyboard and inc note in class is priceless.

Livescribe is going out the door, needing special paper, and they dont have grid pattern notebook (have to print your own) etc...

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