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  1. Yep, still happening to me to. Not sure whats causing it. I have not used mobile for a few days and it still happens. ------------------ Felix, are you using Egret List by chance?
  2. Dave, it occurred again this morning. I went and looked at it on the web in the new interface and it had moved there as well.
  3. Dave, I will look next time it occurs. I just happened prior to me reading your post so I did not check.
  4. I am using stacks and I have notebooks that will move out of the stack by themselves. It appears to occur on a sync. Does not happen every time. Yesterday I had 5 notebooks that moved out of their stacks. I moved them back. This morning, I had another notebook that had moved out of the stack. I use the iPhone app and I also use Egretlist. Not sure if either has something to do with it.
  5. Are ink-notes a feature that will be coming to Evernote? For now I am using Sketchbook Express, free version, to do any drawings. I can cut and paste into Evernote. It would be nice though if I did not have to use a separate application. Just checking:)
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