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V10 - No offline Sync

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Since the excellently functioning legacy version was discontinued, I've been struggling with the half-finished V10 on my Galaxy S22!

I have set up 3 notebooks for offline sync and have been waiting for SEVERAL days for them to come completely offline.
Unfortunately so far without success!
These 3 notebooks have a total of just 300 entries, so nothing that should take that long

Does anyone else have this problem besides me?
If yes, how did you solve it?

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The usual advise was: In the evening, turn off the auto-lockscreen, put the device on charger, place the EN app as active app in the foreground, and let it run through the night.

Plus avoid „download all“ for the initial download. But that’s not the case here.

Since some releases (maybe 10.70) offline download was improved a lot, and is much faster. All this from iOS, no experience with Android.

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Thanks @PinkElephant for the tip!

I just tried this and within 1-2 hours the notebooks with around 300 entries were synchronized.
Slow but worked.....
So I can now try to work offline with some notebooks, THANK YOU!!!

Now I'll sync another one with around 2000 entries and then I hope that the "offline function" runs stably!
That would be the first advantage compared to the legacy version on Android 😉

I'm still hoping for an improvement in speed for the Android version too ....

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