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Any way to get ride of the "new helper tool" pop-up?

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It pops up several times a day, seemingly randomly. 

I'm running Sonoma 14.4 on a macbook, and and Evernote 10.80.3




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There was another thread where this was claimed.

Finally it showed the Mac was under MDM corporate device management, and the MDM prevented the EN Helper from installing. This needs to be fixed by the supervising IT team.

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I have the same problem but no "corporate management" software involved. It's very irritating and has resulting in my not having Evernote launched all the time the way I prefer. Might need to transition to some other software if this can't be resolved.

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This is incredibly annoying, there is no need for more than one update a day.  Unless an Evernote representative joins this discussion it shows that they do not a) Monitor their office discussion groups,  b)Care about feedback.  So, Evernote....where are you?

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This is so much annoying that I've started exploring other alternatives to Evernote. I do not even find a way to disable these updates .  

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Same issue here... Mac version 10.87.5.  Did a full uninstall and reinstall as suggested by other posts... still get the message multiple times a day.

Nice to see Evernote so active in these Forums, NOT.  And what do we actually pay an annual fee for??   

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Posted (edited)

Exact same issue here, Sonoma 14.5 on a Macbook Pro, Evernote 10.87.6. Almost every time I wake my MacBook, from sleep, I get this popup, sometimes multiple times per day.  It's my personal laptop, no work related accounts or MDM installed.  It's a new laptop (I got it one and a half month ago or so) and I did a fresh install of all apps (no backups were restored).

Initially I had only one account on my MacBook, with Admin rights.  After a few days I created an admin account and switched my initial account (the one under which I also use EN) to a "standard" account.  Looking back now, that's also about the time this popup started to appear. I get it that I need to enter an admin pwd for applying updates under my standard account, but it should not be multiple times per day and not every day.  I just now also setup Evernote under the Admin account as well, to see if this might solve the issue (until the next update...).

Update: I just got the popup window again under my standard account, so setting up Evernote under my Admin account as well did not help

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Full uninstall means what ? Using AppCleaner ? Restarted the Mac after that ?

If the update is blocked by MacOS security, it can't install even then. You need to find and solve the underlying problem. Since it is caused by your individual way of setting MacOS up, it's more difficult to solve this than just shelling out a boilerplate solution. Somewhere in settings (usually in security & privacy) you will find the culprit.

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