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Unsyncing a Device



I've had the basic plan for years and never had an issue with the 2 device limit. I have the app on my windows laptop and my kindle fire. Works great, I love it. And then for the first time, it said I need to sign in to access my account and sent me to Evernote web, making a third device I never wanted. Why would I want web and app on my same laptop? I then unsynced it, and somehow web is back on the device list again, and I only have one unsync left, but I don't trust it won't sync up again or log me out of the laptop app. Please help, thank you. 

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Can someone either help me resolve this issue, or share how to download my notes so I can move them to a more user-friendly platform? Thank you.

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3 minutes ago, Eowyn said:

Can someone either help me resolve this issue

Mainly other users here.  If you haven't already, you should reach out to support.

To export your notes, you will need to do that from your Windows desktop app.  You cannot export from the web app.  You can try unsyncing from your Kindle Fire, or sign up for a month and then you can sort this out without worrying about using your unsyncs up for the month.

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@Eowyn You don't say which versions of the apps you have been using. Nor which versions of Windows and Android are involved.

Amazon withdrew Evernote from it's app store on the Kindle Fire. So unless you side loaded v10 of the Evernote app I would expect you to have problems there. 

Versions of Windows before Win 10 also don't run Evernote v10.

So knowing which OS and which versions of Evernote you have been using are relevant to providing advice. 

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