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No se actualiza mi suscripción

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Uso Evernote desde el 2012 y si alguna vez tuve un problema de actualización de la suscripción, lo solucionaron rápido.

Desde el 05/03/2024 estoy intentando actualizar la suscripción y la gente de Evernote, no me responde. Ya he creado un número de seguimiento #3847802 y a la fecha no lo solucionan


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From the forum badge you have already dropped to Free, which means your subscription is already expired.

What means you can choose any method of payment, and upgrade your account again. When I changed my subscription, I decided to go with Apple iTunes / AppStore. The other Stores from Google or Microsoft should work as well. Since then I handle my subscription this way.

No need to go through EN, no risk my payment method expires, etc. Same price as direct subscription, and better handling.

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