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¿Cual es la mejor manera de exportar todas mis 50000 notas de evernote y poder abrirlo desde otro ordenador que no tiene evernote?



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Install the client on the new computer. Log into your account. See the notes appear after a few seconds.

Let the EN client running, it can be in the background. It will probably take several days until all content is downloaded from the server, and the local database is complete.

You can use EN while the download happens. Expect it to be slower, because during that time all notes need to be opened from the cloud server.

This will work with all notebooks synced to the server. If you have local (unsynced) notebooks from a legacy install, you need to move them manually. If you used the current client (v10.xx), there are no local notebooks.

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¿Hay alguna forma de exportarlo desde evernote a un formato que pueda abrirse desde un ordenador que no tenga evernote instalado y no requiera de la instalacion de evernote en ninguna de sus formas? Me interesa tener toda mi informacion accesible en alguna especie de texto plano o HTML o lo que sea, pero fuera de evernote.


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Thank you very much. Do you know a good tutorial that you can redirect me to that explains to bulk process all of the notes or notebooks at once to html?

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