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Web Clipper only shows a few notebooks

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Evernote 10.74.1 Safari 17.3.1  on Mac 14.3.1

Intermittently when trying to do a web clipping only a few of my notebooks show when I try to select a notebook in the web clipper.  The problem is intermittent and inconsistent.  All notebooks appear when I try to clip this page.  If I change to another open  Safari window only a few of my notebooks appear.

I have disabled and re-enabled web clipper but doesn't seem to make a difference.  I have also noticed a new "login successful" message from Evernote when staring a clipping which I haven't seen before.



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Web Clipper does open a Safari tab briefly, uses it for the login and shows a message when this was successful.

First make sure you run the latest software. The client is 10.78 now, and a new web clipper was just released. You need to update web clipper in Safari extensions.

Then check in web clipper settings if „auto filing“ is enabled.

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I am now seeing all of my notebooks.   However this new "login successful" screen, which I have never seen before,  is a problem.  I may have up to 80 tabs open that I am working through.  I do a save 1/2 way at tab 40, get the login screen (even though I just used it a few tabs before).  It refreshes the page, I am thrown out back to tab 80.  It is a #$%$#% going back through all of the tabs trying to figure out where I was.

The other issue is that clipper keeps changing the default notebook.  It keeps changing it to "smart filing" from my "last used notebook" setting.

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App and clipper updates only worked for a while.  Back to the same problem - only a few notebooks are showing.

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