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005 - Display Cards/Snippets/SideTop Note list all the time



Bug/Feature Description
  • If you click on a Favorite note, the list goes away (note occupies complete main window except left pane)
    • It explicitly bothers users who have a specific note directly in Shortcuts.
      • If they click on it, the Cards/Snippets/Side list  is disappears.
    • Because of this, they started using "Top list" exclusively
      • But this list disappears 
  • If you navigate to a note from outside EN, the list goes away (...)

Expected behaviour
  • The note list (with no regard to its display format) should be visible all the time

Background information (See also...)
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It's not just favourites. Here are some of the othe times you get the view:

  • Selecting a suggested note from search
  • Selecting a suggested note from switch to (ctrl+Q)
  • Going to a recent note in the recent note list
  • Going to the parent note from a task (either in the task pop-out window or by right clicking a task and choosing "go to note")
  • Going to a note from the task window by clicking on a note in the notes tab
  • Using a back link (but not a forward link)
  • Recent or suggested notes from the Home Screen widget.

There are probably more. If I want a view with more emphasis on the note I can already

  • Collapse the sidebar
  • Launch the note in it's own window
  • Use the "Expand note" function
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