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I'm a big user of voice note taking, however often what I say via phone or laptop is captured but then published as repeated sentences or paragraphs. Is this a bug or open issue?

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I think they are probably talking about the dictation feature in MacOS in general? If so, I did a quick test in Evernote (v10.77.3) and didn't have any duplication problems -- but I generally don't use it much either and I think the key word was "often" (as opposed to always.) But there could be something funky about the way Evernote is handling it vs an OS thing.

However, I haven't seen any issues at all reported in the forums about it over the last several months either... @SteveMS If you are talking about something different, perhaps let us know or give more details?


I did dictate a couple of paragraphs of longer text in case perhaps the length had anything to do with it (but still had no problems), plus I haven't used this feature much and it seems pretty handy.

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