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Make Notes Default Font a User Setting



I have been using the default Source Sans Pro on Mac and Android for years and for me it's part of the UI personality in Evernote. Of my notes. I can understand that some folks might want multiple fonts here, but I do not - - I'm a graphic and UI designer myself, but in Evernote I want to  quickly record, organize, and retrieve information, I don't want to design or decorate to the point of choosing different fonts. On Mac and Android, both clients have used the same typography for years, and that builds great confidence that my notes are in sync and accessible wherever and whenever I need them. In these new versions, the new default 'Sans Serif' typeface / font feels like it's injecting itself in my notes, and while I'm glad I have the option of choosing the previous default font (Source Sans Pro), I find myself wasting a ton of repetitive time doing this, even within notes that I have been using very functionally on a daily basis (happily and effectively) for years. If there were a setting for the default font, this would save me a ton of time.

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I totally agree that the default Source Sans Pro is part of the UI personality of Evernote and my notes. I also standby not wanting to take the time to edit my notes always in order to have my preferred font. I would love there to be a setting for the default font.

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Source Sans Pro works very well for me too, and even more so in headers. With the header style changed to bold Source Sans Pro is much better distinguished from the normal text than the new Inter, and at the same time less space consuming in a comparable size. A default font setting with Source Sans Pro available would be fine, then I wouldn't mind a new font for those interested. I'm just afraid that this is the beginning of the end for Source Sans Pro, as the Evernote principle in recent years has been one font in each category (which as a principle I think has been a good and successful way to keep notes looking consistent across platforms).

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I use Monospace for all my notes, and I find EN defaults to  a font I don't want.

Even when I have set the font, if I cut and paste text from a different source into the note, it ignores my setting and defaults to its own font.

Also, there needs to be a setting for all notes font size. After the latest update all my fonts were changed from 16 to 15, which annoyed me to no end as I had to manually change the size on all my notes.

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