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Control-Command-C no longer working for desktop clipper

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Control-Command-C to take a screenshot in the Quick Note was probably my most frequent keyboard shortcut of the past 10 years.

I recently installed 10.7 on Mac and it no longer works.

Is there a way to restore this, or can there be? Please?

I am paying more than ever for Evernote Premium and I would expect that to come with better and more useful features, not fewer features.

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Screenshot snippet image of what that will look like:


Also just wanted to throw this out there -- 95% of my Evernote usage is on a Mac. I generally use and much prefer the MacOS screen capture tool of Cmd-Shift-5 (for a snippet portion, or Cmd-Shift-4 for the whole window). I also use the great screen capture program Shottr which I have set for Cmd-Shift-2. (Also with Shottr, Command-Option-Control-O to OCR text in images anywhere on the screen.)

Then I just Cmd-V into an Evernote note. 

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