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Ability to Respect Sort View Once Manually Changed



(1) I have some notebooks where I want my notes sorted by Title, and some by Date Updated — it is very painful whenever I access one after / before the other that I have to manually sort again

(2) This should work similar to the feature under 'Save current view options for this notebook' — I thought this would solve this problem but it only applies to the 'Note List View', could we please implement it such that it also respects the way notes are sorted, besides the 'Note List View'?

(3) Additionally consider an option to for option to have default new notebooks to view as xyz

(4) Additionally, separately, consider an option to default the notebook view back to the set default once you access another notebook and back to your previous view (sometimes you might want to sort your notebook temporarily differently even though the default is set to one).

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I'm sorry but I do not see how your answer is relevant at all — could you explain how this 'Saved Searches' feature addresses any of the 4 points I just made?

I am aware of the feature you mentioned, and what it does is search for a term with filter and sort parameters. However what I want is to be able to view any note in a notebook without limiting to a particular search, with a particular set sorting as default.

This feature that I am requesting will not require users to have to do additional steps, it's something more in-built to the functionality of how viewing notebooks should be.

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