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Add scrolling to code block




When I'm taking notes on API/Python stuff, I will sometimes note the output I get.  It would be sweet if we could add a code block with a scroll bar so I can add multiple code blocks to a note but keep the note manageable from a scrolling perspective.


Thanks for your consideration!

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The likely better approach would be to create notes with code blocks, one for each group of code. Then make a TOC table of content note linking them all together, and use the links and automatic backlinks to navigate between the notes.

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You can get a code block with a horizontal scroll bar if you put the code block in a single cell table and widen the width of the cell to be greater than the longest line of code -- like this:


Edit: Also, word was that Bending Spoons was going to be adding syntax colored functionality, but I haven't heard anything on that for quite a while now.

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