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Upgrade ads on every opening of a note

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A few weeks ago there was a huge increase in ads, all inviting me to upgrade to paid and a confirmation dialog each time.  I think it was triggered by my reaching 50 notes which I realised when I tried to create a new one.

So, I deleted a load of notes and emptied the trash and now I only have 27 but I still get an upgrade advert every time I open a note!  And the I'm Sure dialog.

Anyway, it's a free account so I expect ads but this nuts.  Is what I'm experiencing due to reaching 50 notes that just hasn't cleared when I deleted some due to a bug, or is this some new policy?

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It may be some ad trigger setting runs amok in your specific case.

But as you said, it's Free, and the new Free is not build for permanent use. It is a trial account, and during a trial you usually try to get the new user subscribed.

So in general if you try to continue using your Free account for a longer period of time, you will permanently be the target of "Trial account user" ad traffic. Because you are out of scope, and this means you get more of your share than you probably expect.

I wouldn't expect any restrain in sending ads from EN just because you want to continue your personal use model. That seems now part of the digital life you have chosen for yourself.

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Same for me. Only 22 notes and have been getting bombarded with in app pop-ups for about six months now. Only in the last few days I now cannot open a note without having to close an advert. I understand the point about being a free user, but I use the app for very little, and could easily switch to another provider where the offering is free and there are no ads. I know I’m free to do that any time, I’m just wondering why Evernote would be repeatedly pushing their users with a subscription model that they clearly don’t need or want. Genuinely the worst marketing pushes I’ve ever seen.

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