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Sync Tasks with Calendar



If I could get my Evernote Tasks to show up on my calendar, that would be a game changer for me. Two way sync would be ideal so that I could change the due date of the task in Evernote or on my calendar directly, but even a one-way sync such that I can subscribe to my "Evernote tasks calendar" on iCal or Google Calendar would be huge for me.

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3 minutes ago, guitardude109 said:

Tasks integration* with calendar  - NOT reminders.

No, I mean an integration of some sort that talks to Apple calendar and Apple reminders, which is the task manager for Apple. 

it’s kind of a given that tasks would sync with the Reminders app in some way, shape or form whether that be if I set a reminder in the Evernote note and it shows up in Reminders or it pulls it from Apple reminders and shows in Evernote. I don't care how it's done I would just like him to talk to each other.

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5 minutes ago, Sayre Ambrosio said:

The Apple calendar integration could work just like the Google calendar one and that would be fine

Yes agree! But just to keep this clear for any Evernote staff reading, this request is for Calendar Integration with Evernote TASKS, not Evernote reminders which already work exactly as they should.

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