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Says I've reached the note limit but I'm not even close



I have the free plan.  I have 1 notebook and 26 notes.  If I want to add a new note it says I can't because "Limit Reached".  

Your current plan limits you to 1 notebook and 50 notes. Upgrade now to create notes and notebooks without limits.

As I'm basically half of the free plan why am I getting this error?

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That’s all I have for you.  You should be able to add a few more, but to be honest the new free plan is now really only meant to be a trial for new users or an archive for existing ones.  Unless you want to upgrade I would suggest spending your effort on evaluating other apps.

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In the spirit of being helpful and not impugning your intelligence...

I've seen a couple of other cases here where the original poster thought they had only one notebook or had emptied the trash, but then found that they, in fact, had another notebook they were unaware of or had some notes sitting in the trash folder that were taking them over the 50 note limit.

So, to be absolutely sure, I'd suggest looking at your account through the web client (if that is one of your two devices permitted under the free plan), since the web client gives you the best view into your account, free of syncing glitches and other potential complications.   Look there and confirm that you have only one notebook and less than 50 notes, including any that might be in the trash folder.

If the web client is not one of your two devices you will need to deactivate one of your devices so you can add the web client instead.  But you have to be careful doing this so that you don't temporarily wind up with three devices or violating the limit of two device changes per month.  Both of those will get you out until the timer resets.  There are a number of posts in the forum about how to do change devices without this happening.

Hope this helps.



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