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Wrong Currency on Subscriptions Page



I am from Colombia and on the compare plans site I see the offers in Colombian Pesos currency (which is a bit cheaper for the latin community it seems):

I would like to subscribe this package:









However when I continue on the "Choose Personal" Button, I log in and see the prices in USD.









That is quite confusing as it is 3x more money than on the "compare plans" site. 

It gets even more confusing when I enter my settings page, where the price is promoted in colombian pesos:










So my question: How can I get the price which is published in colombian Pesos? Technically I am not able to subscribe with that price. 

Or do I understood something wrong?


Thanks in advance :-)

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The one thought I have is to wonder if you are using a VPN.  If you are, it may be that the IP address that the VPN is presenting to Evernote is not based in Columbia, so you are not getting the Columbia rate.

Otherwise, you will likely you'll need to go through support to see if you can get this rate. 


Chose "billing" as the ticket type.



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Came across your question by chance and thought I'd reply since I recently asked Evernote how to change my billing currency. I'm in Canada and wanted to pay in EUR but apparently we can't do this manually. Here's their reply:

"Evernote's billing system automatically detects your location at the time of the upgrade and sets the currency accordingly. This means, if you're currently residing in a location where EUR is the standard currency, your upgrade will be processed in EUR."

So, maybe VPN is your best bet - otherwise your local currency applies based on your IP. 🤷‍♀️

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Thanks @Maria Sp..  Good info.  My wife and I each have our own paid Evernote accounts and we divide our time between the US and Mexico.  The timing of my renewal typically happens while we are in Mexico.  The timing of my wife's renewal occurs when we are typically in the US.  My account renews in pesos; my wife's renews in dollars.

Pro tip (and shhhhh, don't tell Evernote):  it's a lot cheaper to renew in Mexico than in the US!  So, lucky me!


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