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Bugs Copy Paste - Shortcut bugs on Mac

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Issue with paste and match style shortcut.
In previous versions it used to be (command + (B))
Latest version of that command is not working at all.
I tried (command + (B)) or (Shift + Command + (B)) or (Shift + Command + (V))
None of those shortcut options are working. 
It is working manually, if you go to Edit + paste and match style - it works.
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10 minutes ago, yourproequipment said:

In previous versions it used to be (command + (B))

? I think Command+B has always been bold.

Paste and Match style is Shift+Command+V and works for me ok.


13 minutes ago, yourproequipment said:

Latest version of that command is not working at all.

Which version are you on? I'm on 10.68.3.


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Probably the difference between us is the keyboard locale maybe? Here is what mine looks like:


All the same except for 'Paste and Match Style'.

When you say "In previous versions it used to be (command + (B))" -- are you talking about v10 versions like 10.67, 10.66? Or are you talking about 6/7/legacy?

Wonder if the work-around mentioned here might work for you? 


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