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Delete everything in evernote

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Hi.  You were recently having trouble logging in to your account,  then wanted to know how to organise your colleagues to use the same tags,  and now you want to blank the account?  The easy way WHICH WILL DELETE ALL YOUR NOTES ON ALL YOUR DEVICES is to literally select notes and notebooks and delete them from your account.  Empty the Trash Notebook,  and your account will be completely empty.

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hi dear,


sorry if my questions bother you and thank you for your respond. Yes, we are using the evernote since 2018 for our type of the work. I changed the account to the Team account and today morning the problem with account solved by the support team after several discussion via email. the reason of the blank the account is I dent want to have anything that could be cause of mess in future and I will copy all my notes from individual account again.

another thing I want to know, I have around 11000 notes in Trash of my individual account which are quite important to us and I need to move them to the trash folder of my team account. is there any solution for that? or Ill need to keep my individual account active to keep them safe!? however the second option would be a solution but I prefer to have them in the same place 


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