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Append note title to include date shown in attachment.

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Sorry, the title doesn't clearly say much . . . I am a now-former user of Filterize and one of the things it did was allow me to import a bunch of documents (mainly PDFs such as letters with the date of the letter) into EN and append the title of the note to include the date of the letter.  For example, I can import a letter dated 23 January 2015 and the title of the note would say 2015-01-23 blahblahbla.  It would pull the date from the attachment, not the date the file was created in EN or the date the attachment was created.  This was fantastic for me because I have boxes and boxes of stuff I'm trying to archive and catalog and I'd like to be able to create a chronological timeline inside each notebook simply by sorting the contents by title. 

Does anyone have any ideas how to do such a thing easily?  Any tips, suggestions or insight is appreciated.  It's a shame Filterize is gone and it would be great if the folks at Evernote would incorporate some of the great tools that I happily paid Filterize to use each month (yes, this is a hint!!).



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