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Create new note and link to it



I've recently entirely switched from Notion to Evernote. One of the features that almost had me stay loyal to Notion was the fact I could create notes within notes (Pages within Pages) on Notion. That said, this got confusing because the pages were nested within the other page and could be hard to find. 

If we could click the + button within a note, create a new note, and link to it (And then maybe have the option to copy the tags to the new note), this would be very helpful for organizing a master note with all the details.




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Hmmmm,  interesting workflow idea, but it runs contrary to the concept of the blue + menu: All in there is going into the note in which you are. Could be confusing to create new notes from there.

You can link any existing notes together. You can select multiple notes, and make a table of content TOC in another note. And then always when you link one note to another, a backlink will automatically show in the linked note, making it easy to navigate in 2 directions.

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I suppose the closest you could do is to create some blank notes in a notebook. Then when you press alt+ctrl+K in your note you could link to one of them directly. It's a bit clunky because you will need to add the note title twice - once in the link text and once in the title of the note, although you could copy and paste. Although backlinks automatically update to changes in a note title, "hardwired" links within the body of a note do not.

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