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Keyboard shortcuts

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In your desktop client, at the bottom of the left column notebook list, there is a keyboard icon next to "Need a little help?"  Click on the keyboard.  A window with all of the shortcuts for your client will appear.  


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6 hours ago, Outtosea said:

2.  Move the cursor into a note, ideally at the end of the text already in that note

Not a single shortcut. There is a sequence which could be automated with a phrase expander/macro app. The following assumes that the current focus is on the note list with the blue box surrounding the same note as displayed in the view panel.

{F2} Highlights the title of the note in the right hand view panel
{Down}{Down} moves to the top of the note
{ctrl}+{End} moves to the end of the note
{ctrl}+{End} may be necessary if you have something like a web content box. If you are automating there is no harm in putting two in


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