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Locked out

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I wanted to export my notes out of Evernote and had been using it on my phone and on the web interface, so I had maxed out my device quota. I realised I had to install the desktop app  to do the export so did so. When I started that I obviously got the 'too many devices' message, so I unsynced the web version. I tried to start the app and got the same message. It was saying I was still synched to the web version so I unsynched it again. I'm still getting the 'too many devices' message but now it won't let me even attempt to unsync because I have exceeded the 'max unsync attempts of 2 per month' quota !!  And now I can't log in to access my notes at all.

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Hi.  If you tripped that particular warning,  I'm afraid the two options are:  wait or subscribe (even if only for a month).  Support seem to be taking around 14 days to respond to queries,  so you'll likely get past the reset date before Support could comment on this anyway.

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Same thing has happened to me. after 15 years paying for a sub I went to free as I cannot afford almost doubling of their prices right now.


I revoked access to web version so I only access on local machine and phone. However now I'm locked out of Ev whichever why I try and access it, and cannot access my data. Are the options to wait 14 days until trying again? I cannot find any way to access an actual person or submit a ticket. Only chat bot that shares irrelevant articles. V disappointing.


Screenshot 2023-12-16 at 15.44.06.png

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