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Grammar search (todo:false) not working

Gabriel de Oliveira


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1 hour ago, Gabriel de Oliveira said:

Grammar search (todo:true) not working. I was trying a way to filter all my notes with unchecked checkboxes using the ( todo:false ) but it doesnot work. I tested in Windows platform, web and IOS.

Not a new issue. See 



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4 minutes ago, Gabriel de Oliveira said:

Is (todo:false) working for you?

Not addressed to me but I will answer anyway. It isn't currently bringing anything up. The filter menu equivalent brings up 46 notes. That seems like too few but I have no real evidence for this.

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I have the exact same situation -- what used to work no longer does.

How do these long standing features get broken?

I have nearly 3000 Notes many of which have these [] checkboxes. It is a long process to find them now.

Conclusion: Evernote is not stable.

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