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Find broken internal links



I'm using internal links from note to other notes heavily. And I really work with my notes by changing title, content and sometime their existance - if I decide to merge notes 😉

By doing so, I sometimes delete notes that have got unnecessary. But this leads to a problem if other notes point to such now non-existing information.

There are two possibilities to overcome the problem:

  • Either EN should warn users if the try to delete notes that are used as link destinations
  • Or EN offers a tool to list notes that contain now broken links to deleted notes

With such a tool it might be possible to workup corrupted links later (I call such work "gardening" my notes...)




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Two thoughts crossing my mind:

It should be visible by a backlink that!the note is the source for a link.

If the note holding the links is eliminated by merging, EN could automatically reconnect all existing links to the vanishing note to show the surviving note.

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