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Add Link stops working after using it twice

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I'll select some text then click on the Add Link icon in the toolbar.

Similar to Word/WPS, I should be able to add links to any text (the same text or different text) in the same or different documents as much as I want. For Evernote, I'm creating a note for Christmas and I want to add links to many ideas.

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32 minutes ago, ChristopherKTom said:

I'll select some text then click on the Add Link icon in the toolbar.

You can also add links from the blue '+' and via Ctrl+K and the Clipper for web-based content.

I just tried several links through the toolbar icon and it worked perfectly for me (Win11 and EN10.65.2) but if you still have issues you could try the other options.  There's also the possibility to add your links to individual notes,  then select the most recent few notes and merge them together. 

A full reinstall might get rid of this glitch if it's worth the effort - sign out / remove database / uninstall / power cycle device / re-download from Evernote.com / reinstall.  Takes 30-40 minutes to do,  and the app will run slower than normal for a day or two while everything local is rebuilt.

Worth a report to Support with Activity Logs for their information,  and possible further help if all of that doesn't.

Good luck!

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