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  1. I've been using Word for decades and I have updated a style that is available for current and future documents. When a style is updated, It doesn't automatically apply it to other documents, the user has to do it manually. This is the same principal that you need to implement, not "transfer" something manually to each note if that's what your suggesting. You need to explain how to transfer "it"
  2. Unlike Microsoft Word that effortlessly allow the user to update a style to match existing text and apply it to other documents, Evernote takes several attempts to do it right. I found out thru trial-n-error that you can't have an entire note selected, that you have to have only a piece of text selected then do the update. What's worse is after updating 'Normal Text' to have a font size of 14pt, when I tried apply it to another note, it failed!
  3. I'll have to remember to add the version I'm looking at. When I posted the feedback, it was with one or two previous versions. I'm now using 10.3.6 and I see that when NOTE VIEW LIST is set to either Cards or Snippets, then NOTE PREVIEW is shown; When Note View List is List then Note Preview is changed to Columns. I agree that the width of the sidebar can be resized but you scan't changed the height of the cards.
  4. There are two major limitations to adjusting cells and a table : I can adjust the width of the cell by manually clicking on the divider between two cells but not the height of the cell. I can't adjust the overall width/height of the table by clicking on the corner of a table.
  5. I want the ability to change text into a table or convert a table into text. When selecting text then clicking on Insert Table, you need to intelligently convert the text into a table and not replace the text with a table.
  6. When viewing a note that contains a table : If I press CTRL-A then change the Font Size, I expect that the entire page, including every cell, will now use the new font size but it doesn’t and it should. If I insert a new row, the entire row uses the old font size instead of the new one This request is here just in case you can't make any of the previously suggested changes to include Global & Local formatting.
  7. In a previous request, I said there should be global default settings available; in this post I want to allow the user to overwrite the global settings on a per note basis. With global settings set and the user visits a page, they should now have the ability to change one or more of the global settings, i.e., font, font size, etc. When the user does, they should be presented with a popup that asks if they want to apply their changes to the current note. The reason for the popup is that maybe the user likes the current settings is know that in the future they'll be making changes in which they want to apply the local settings.
  8. There needs to be a page where the user can set some formatting defaults for existing notes and new notes. different options. Font Family Font Size Normal or Camel Case Line spacing You should show some text in a dialog pop that allows the user to see a preview when they select different fonts, sizes, etc.
  9. There’s a lot of dead space when there are no Note Preview options selected so I recommend removing the dead space and making it more compact. (Attachment #1) If I select Show Reminders from Note Preview, it adds extra spacing but since there’s no reminder, it’s wasted space. (Attachment #2)
  10. I've been beta testing for a while and even with the latest beta, there's still room for improvement as I lay out in below and in my attachment. List of Evernote feature requests.docx 1. Include a spell checker and a way for user’s to add unknown words to the dictionary (I can right-click on word and select a suggested alternative work or add it to the dictionary) a. The spell checker should have the option to check the current note and have the option to check all notes/notebooks.
  11. The content changed after I pasted it.I'm not talking about Word...I'm only focusing on Evernote and I don't recall seeing any options on pasting.
  12. I inserted a pre-existing template and changed the text then added links to most of them. When I selected the table to copy and paste it, the pasted table didn't look like the original. The font size was different (inconsistent) while most of the text was bold.
  13. Sync doesn't appear to be effecting the text as I just opened the note with the table and the first 4 rows are blurry.
  14. I have a table with several rows and 2 columns. I noticed that when I'm typing on the 6th row and pause for 5 seconds, that the text in rows 1 thru 3 will become blurry. Once I resume typing then the text is clear. I tried the following to resolve the DPI: Properties - Compatibility - Change High DPI settings - Program DPI (Checked) - Open Advanced scaling - Let Windows try to fix ... - Use the DPI that's set... - I signed into Windows Does anyone know how to fix this issue? (308300) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.1.7539)
  15. I"m not sure of the name but on my Android phone, the Phone app has a thin list of the alphabet and the first letter of each unique contact is enabled, when the user taps D, for example, the app scrolls to the start of the D contacts. I'd like to see this feature added to Android.
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