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Pasting text removes indentation



Indentation is lost when pasting plain text.

Text does not paste at current indentation level - but instead the current indentation / tabs are removed and the text is pasted at the far left.

Pasting text with formatting does not have the same problem - that stays at the current indentation.

Example of pasting plain text vs non-plain text with Ctrl+V shown in screenshot below:


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2 minutes ago, agsteele said:

Pasting plain text removes all formatting. So no indentation.

Yes I know it loses formatting from the text that was copied - ie. if I copied from somewhere which did have indentation - if I pasted it to Windows Notepad to remove the formatting so it was literally just the plain text, or used PowerToys Paste as Plain Text - then I know what I paste will just be plain text.

But when Evernote gets that plain text, then I'd expect it to be pasted into where the cursor is - i.e. indented - just as if I had typed that same text manually.

But it's the inconsistency with pasting formatted text too. Paste the same thing with formatting - works ok (but I don't want a different font etc which is why I wanted to paste as plain text). But use Paste as Plain Text to paste the same text (minus the formatting), then Evernote removes my indentation before pasting it.

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