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(Archived) Securing mobile Evernote


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Actually it should also apply to desktop or any version of Evernote.

Are you planning to implement some sort of PIN protection for the clients itself? It is kind of scary to have all my notes stored in the program that opens so easily without any question once you logged in to the service.

I am waiting for some simple solution like 4 digits pin number. I lock my phone usually but I am one of this paranoid people that imagine worst case scenario.

And please add stacks for mobile

Thank you


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Evernote's stance on this is that you use the security features of your mobile device.

Regarding the desktop versions, please use the search function & search on such words as "security". This has already been discussed at great length. The "wide open databases" thread is pretty lengthy, but pretty much covers the topic.

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Thanks @BurgersNFries for the good read.

I have all my computers well secured but the phone is completely different subject.

'Evernote's stance on this is that you use the security features of your mobile device.' Hmmm... Easy way out? I have Pray installed and I lock my device but also I remember Droid security issue on the beginning of the year (http://techcrunch.com/2010/01/11/verizo ... urity-bug/) Every system has it's undiscovered problems. Imagine your bank account security relying completely on the security of your computer or your browser? Would you say it is professional approach? No Pin just log into your windows and happy banking? How difficult is to implement something simple yet giving you additional protection? How many of EN users don't lock the screen?

Evernote please reconsider your stance and implement some sort of additional protection.

Thank you


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I agree security is an issue. Especially, with this client - when "my entire notebook" of some form is cache on the SD Card. (What stops my boss from demanding my phone, and looking at the SD card? The few times, I have this phone at work.)

(2) The previous reply, I think you mean Prey with an "e". http://preyproject.com/blog/2010/01/prey-arrives-on-mobiles-android-version-available = However, there are some other options, http://www.shaswatpatel.com/3-must-have-android-security-apps/

Myself, I should get some kind of security. Although, don't want a "slows down phone," App. Any ideas?

(3) If Evernote secured / scrambled their on phone data. It would "of course" hit performance. Which, I prefer they don't do. = Plus, "then they" would have to give us an option for it, or maintain two releases. (Just too much, I'd say.)

(4) My bent, for what it matters. I hold with Evernote. They have too many problems already. I'm comfortable with figuring the options, backup measures, and instituting my own security solution. = Otherwise, "they would" tell us, it is just this. And we'd all be complaining.

Later, just my two cents

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