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  1. WOW. Lots of history on this one. Ok, here is all - I could get working for me. (1) What caused the problem? Answer: About mid-Oct / mid-Nov Microsofts monthly update, started "playing havoc" with my machine. Anti-virus sending alarms & from Nov-18 till now. Have been desparately "trying to ensure" full backups done on Windows 7 PC. (2) I was using the newest Evernote, v5.7.2.5753. Tried "lots" of the previous pages, do this trick, delete the whole bloody database, and so on. Thought, perhaps "one stuck note," and if a Conflicts folder in Evernote. This time, there was no conflicts folder. Attempted to study Activity log, to see; [a] where evernote crashing, which note it was on, [c] always only, seemed to get to trying to read "little pieces" by "little pieces" of notes, AFTER having notebook structure in place, and such. THEN, crashed the app. [] never seeing the (was comforting) Updating client database hinted message. [] Activity Log saying: 2% of database read, and no more data to read. ---- My solution. (3) Found a v5.0.0.1337 exe to install, as "my Evernote." [Don't use beyond 5.0. I assumed v5.0 to v5.5-ish would have "better operation parameters", than the newest 5.7 public release?] (4) NOW, it downloads the whole database. [] Even though, timeouts will occur. If Internet gets "too loaded". [] But, this Evernote Windows 7 program does not "just crash." OR become unresponsive to ** file, exit. ** yes, no sync and such. [] I really don't like, getting into the Resource Manager and deleting Evernote*.exe processes / threads. Future switch. (4) When, I have the databases restored? [i have two evernote accounts. First one, the biggest problem is 43k notes at 8 Gig of size. Second is much smaller and my daily driver, for last two years.] (4B) Then, I'll contact Evernote support. MAKE full backups of the Evernote directories, first thing. (4C) Then, go to the newest v5.7 exe Evernote Windows client. PS. I didn't contact Evernote support. Sometimes, they don't really seem to help? (*) Last time, their support Associate said, "oh, you're having problems. If you want, we can refund you and delete your account?" [] 1: I've been using this for seven years and love it. 2: I cannot afford or CARE TO trash / drop it. 3: It was only just the first call. [i would recommend. Whoever is the head developer, has got to build a mini-simulation laboratory, for these horrific types of problems.] [side: Why would you "want to loose" your best / first customers?] --- Sorry for the long post. Hope veryone can read this? If they still care? I've only just downloaded 1.5 Gig and have 14-1.5 --> 12.5 Gig to go. [] Probably, a whole week before fully operational on my Desktop. Side: Online access in Evernote webbed is just fine.
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