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  1. WOW. Lots of history on this one. Ok, here is all - I could get working for me. (1) What caused the problem? Answer: About mid-Oct / mid-Nov Microsofts monthly update, started "playing havoc" with my machine. Anti-virus sending alarms & from Nov-18 till now. Have been desparately "trying to ensure" full backups done on Windows 7 PC. (2) I was using the newest Evernote, v5.7.2.5753. Tried "lots" of the previous pages, do this trick, delete the whole bloody database, and so on. Thought, perhaps "one stuck note," and if a Conflicts folder in Evernote. This time, there was no conflicts folder. Attempted to study Activity log, to see; [a] where evernote crashing, which note it was on, [c] always only, seemed to get to trying to read "little pieces" by "little pieces" of notes, AFTER having notebook structure in place, and such. THEN, crashed the app. [] never seeing the (was comforting) Updating client database hinted message. [] Activity Log saying: 2% of database read, and no more data to read. ---- My solution. (3) Found a v5.0.0.1337 exe to install, as "my Evernote." [Don't use beyond 5.0. I assumed v5.0 to v5.5-ish would have "better operation parameters", than the newest 5.7 public release?] (4) NOW, it downloads the whole database. [] Even though, timeouts will occur. If Internet gets "too loaded". [] But, this Evernote Windows 7 program does not "just crash." OR become unresponsive to ** file, exit. ** yes, no sync and such. [] I really don't like, getting into the Resource Manager and deleting Evernote*.exe processes / threads. Future switch. (4) When, I have the databases restored? [i have two evernote accounts. First one, the biggest problem is 43k notes at 8 Gig of size. Second is much smaller and my daily driver, for last two years.] (4B) Then, I'll contact Evernote support. MAKE full backups of the Evernote directories, first thing. (4C) Then, go to the newest v5.7 exe Evernote Windows client. PS. I didn't contact Evernote support. Sometimes, they don't really seem to help? (*) Last time, their support Associate said, "oh, you're having problems. If you want, we can refund you and delete your account?" [] 1: I've been using this for seven years and love it. 2: I cannot afford or CARE TO trash / drop it. 3: It was only just the first call. [i would recommend. Whoever is the head developer, has got to build a mini-simulation laboratory, for these horrific types of problems.] [side: Why would you "want to loose" your best / first customers?] --- Sorry for the long post. Hope veryone can read this? If they still care? I've only just downloaded 1.5 Gig and have 14-1.5 --> 12.5 Gig to go. [] Probably, a whole week before fully operational on my Desktop. Side: Online access in Evernote webbed is just fine.
  2. Me too. Must be some web clipping, never worked? How can I clear it? Clear cache, clear cookies - no good. (*) Don't want to switch to another profile. Just seems, too much of a headache.
  3. = I'm sure, this is getting very old. But, just wanted to agree BFries. * You are right. Normally, you don't ask (perform a search) where is the sugar. * However, "if it is really strange store," then I would. * What is a good reason, we might prefer to NOT search / ask for help? Answer: It takes more time. Yes, we want it to work auto-magically. That is all
  4. My number one request - an old one. Give me a linking to note URL - damn it! Is it really that hard? or is Evernote holding out - on us? Dave, I would even be willing for it - to only work on a matching (from created) platform. So, it would work fine on all three of my Windows - clients, but not the mobile phone. = That would be half a solution, better than nothing, been waiting three years for this, now. Rob PS. As long as aliens don't force a new Internet Appliance on us??? We should be fine, for any "never thought of" new Clients being necessary to support. Excluding the "Great Gazoo" of course. His PDA from Zetox probably has a Windows 7 Emulator, in it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Gazoo Pictures of Great Gazoo http://www.google.com/images?hl=&q=picture+of+great+gazoo&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS275US275&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=S4tYTZ3HCsP58Ab3rPXhBg&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCkQsAQwAA&biw=1058&bih=814 * Alan Cummings acting as him, in Viva Rock Vegas - so wrong, but funny. I love Alan. GoldenEye, and he is Scottish - what's not to love about that! Are there really lust murderers? The beautiful Famke Jenssen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lust_murder
  5. Cloning - according to style / tagging / location? / or other attributes. Good idea Again, the old Evernote had templates - note templates. We seemed to have lost that forever, too. Unless, you manually perform it yourself? Hrmmm Maybe someone wants to Open Source it, to the Evernote community?
  6. Thank you Mr. Libin & nameless Evernote Android Developer in Germany. (or 2 in Denmark?) The problem with these forums is; "all too often" people just voice problems, complaints, and whining. Whatever [*:24kaw1xq]This client is very fast now. [*:24kaw1xq]Maybe the edit of plain text lists, isn't perfect. I don't care. I usually use Email to add a note, besides just browse my notes - to read it in the Mobile Client. [*:24kaw1xq]Wifi connected works fantastic for me, and very little power consumption. [*:24kaw1xq]I can see the responsiveness of the App, is much more "the network / Internet connectivity" is working, as best it can - considering, you are on the other side of the country from me, and ATT or Qwest routing packets - who knows where! [*:24kaw1xq]Images could be maybe? a bit better. However, it works "far faster" than my Blackberry client - ever DID. [*:24kaw1xq]Thrilled to see the notebook stacks listed, too. Understanding "the better way," to apply - most things. I prefer to send new notes, into Evernote. Unless, on a Windows box, why bother with clipping, and clipping often needs attention to detail, too. Thus, email in, email out, Tweet this, Share that in your Friends notebook, ... Rob - just my two cents worth. HTD Desire (Eclair v2.1)
  7. Yes, maybe filing a support ticket, is a better idea. = However, I am glad, we all exchanged this information. At least, now, I can tell, it isn't my phone, or just my Carrier, and so on. I would be curious, if an Evernote person wants? to respond. Why was the "previous version" Android client faster? What is the dev team, doing now? I suppose, they are scrambling to get Notebook stack features, put in. And this speed / non-speed issue. Yes, I know, you cannot tell us when, or give a timeline. But, it is pretty obvious with how Android is "perhaps?" becoming a larger installed base, of smartphones - than even iPhones. Maybe, Mr. Libin should switch to an Android phone?
  8. Yes, unfortunately, until this is improved. I am using Springpad for my mobile solution, and transfer the notes - back to Evernote on the PC. At least, Springpad for now, is free and fast.
  9. It seems "the format" when native Windows or some such created notes, is different than Android's way. = You'll notice this, when you attempt to edit a "very plain text" note, created elsewhere. Evernote Android says, cannot handle the RTF. (Really, this is a droid, and it doesn't know RTF? Hrmmm) So, besides the network protocol / exchanges. It appears to be a format of text being converted back and forth, related issue too. My guess. ---- About slowness problems with the Android client. I just started using a Droid, about a month ago. So, a learning curve there. However, unlike "most OSes" you aren't able to just "close an App." 1: However, Evernote for Android seems to need this, on occasion. Because, once you start it running, it is always there. 2: What happens? Well, I have noticed - after a day - on idle / non-use, and return, then start using phone a lot. Then, try to get into Evernote, and "just showing Thumbnails" is slow / it pauses. = Also, there is a fair amount of IP traffic happening. (I can tell this by watching my EVD0 up / down arrows activity.) But, the transferring is slowed - not "both arrows on" constantly. 3: Well, after installing GoLauncher - and found it "has a screen" (it is an Android UI App), I use it half the time with my native HTC Desire SenseUI - user interface. .. = It has "an option" to kill processes, / Apps. 4: So, after noticing "Evernote seems to be sleeping." IP traffic no where near as active, when fresh starting, like when a full reboot. DECIDED to close it, via GoLauncher. (5) Shazam, Evernote wakes up! Note: This doesn't solve the slow note loading issue. I know. (*) It isn't recommended to be "just killing" your Apps, on a Droid. I don't use ProcessKill / TaskKiller, and don't intend to. (*) My best guess - what is going on? = I would SUSPECT the networking process threads have "become stale" and Evernote Android doesn't know / realize, reset them, kill them, or what ever you may say. ---- So, that is my two cents. Still not a solution. But, at least, I would hope "explains some things" to my fellow Droid Evernote sufferers in anguish. What can we do? [*:zse2bqwn]Try to understand the process - personally, I blame the phone carriers, mine ATT. TCP/IP communication is fraught with peril. (Have you ever taken a network sockets coding class?) [*:zse2bqwn]Yes, stale socket communication seems to be happening. (Don't confuse with prompting for Force Close, or BS / black screen lockups.) [*:zse2bqwn]Although, long BS or thumbnails don't show - rather indicative, IMO the network handling needs to be re-initialized. [*:zse2bqwn]Find a way, to close the Evernote app. (For legal reasons, I do not recommend you do this, I did not say this, I was never here.) [*:zse2bqwn]Evernote should of told us this. Why we all sweat / wondering, what is happening? Does it not work on my Droid phone? Or no doubt dozens of Freemiums users spamming the Support team. [*:zse2bqwn]With that little bit of criticism. I am a premium user, have been for several users, definitely will continue being; and highly recommend Evernote to anyone, who can understand the "value of their data" in the Cloud. [*:zse2bqwn]If a "reset connection" command could be placed, in the Settings menu of Evernote Android? Would that fix this issue? I don't know. (I don't work for Evernote, just use it.) Rob HTC Desire (Eclair) ATT
  10. This is the same issue - Scrolling and Highlighting problem http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=21223 Hopeful fixing in next Beta release - (don't ask) don't know when they'll have it out. I am not affiliated with Evernote. Rob
  11. PS. Consider how Evernote keeps working - how much I abuse it. That is. Answering the previous question. General answer: Evernote 2.2 notes (before using 3.0) 3500 Clipped notes 8200 Personal written notes 4100 PDF / and attachments notes 250 Wikipedia materials clipped 950 Total 16,300 Side: when I say clipped notes. What is that? answer: clipping from web pages, clippings from anything, I can find of interest - get into digital format, and put into a computer. Be it pictures, screen clips, some OCR converted results. ---- Attempting Detail: Screen clips 800 Dated Previous Notes: ENX v2.2 3500 First notes Jun 2007 with Evernote v2.2 Started online plunge Mar 2008 Evernote 3.0 Premium Member since Nov 2008 Current Overall Stats: 35 Notebooks with 400 Tags Total: 16,300 Notes Database Size: 2.5 Gig **Recently reduced from 5.5 Gig Clipping Notes 8200 Personal Written Notes 4100 Emailed Input 2200 Web Page (URL present) 6500 Mobile Generated 100 ** I hope to increase this, once the Android client improves **However, I regularly just use, and forward email, to create ENX notes from the Cell Contain Images 8600 Contain Attachments 70 Tagged as PDF 150 Sourced from Personal Scans 80 Material Web Clipped from Wikipedia 950 Saved searches, don't really use - too much 10 Regularly create notes, from screen clips of Evernote, Windows Apps, or received emails - free PDF magazines, bill, or electronic sent billing statements --- Stats on note size averages: Total Notes 16,300 Notes per page 42 Pages per scroll 388 Total (notes) less than 1,000k 97.9% (as a percentage of 16,300) Total less than 570k 95.9% Total less than 400k 93.8% Total less than 320k 91.8% Total less than 240k 89.7% Total less than 190k 87.6% mid-point SIZE 15k Bytes 50% Band Under 200k Bytes in size 88.% For a great data lifestyle book, Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything by Gordon Bell http://www.amazon.com/Total-Recall--Memory-Revolution-Everything/dp/B003B3NW1C/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1294566529&sr=8-12 Rob
  12. Tried to verify, what you were saying. First by Airplane mode to stop networking, using GO Launcher to close Evernote. - no result. Then, even reboot / power-off + on, no difference. Although, my phone, once note is dloaded by going into it. It is nice and quick then. Do not have an offline on phone Notebook yet. Rob HTC Desire (Eclair)
  13. Yes, I know - what you mean. I'll have at most a 200 byte text note. (Headers are fully downloaded, thumbnails also. Evernote Android fully on the phone). Yet, attempting to first time see it - takes 30 seconds, a minute. What is the IP traffic doing? Is Evernote going thru a special port that ATT is restricting or throttling? I understand, it is probably a https port, on 443? But, this is a HTC Droid, it certainly has ever processing power to compute encryt/decrpt algorithms and all that. (Yes, working connected to an adaptor. Web pages pull up - very fast.) Rob HTC Desire (Eclair) PS. Once a note is loaded, it appears to be on the phone. Then, it will come up almost instantly. Question: How can I cause a 2000 note notebook to be that way? Select offline - does it do that. (However, I'll take steps to back it up first. And return a duplicate notebook, to being the original for my two Windows PC - via network online NBs.)
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