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そのフォントを利用していると目が痛くなってしまうため、長年Evernote Legacyを利用しておりました。




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The fonts are there because they work on all platforms - notes will look the same no matter where they are opened.

If you have a display problem on a PC or Mac client, go to the settings of the app. There is an option to use hardware acceleration. Switch this option OFF, maybe it helps.

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Well, about respect of culture and countries: There is a Japanese forum here. As there is Korean, Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portugiese, plus Spanish. All has its merits.

There are no French, Italian, German, Polish or Turkish sections. We use the General forum instead. All being on the same language means a wider discussion. This has its merits as well. 

I don’t think there is wrong or right here. It is an expectable side effect that when I stay in my language bubble, I will get less reactions.

Fortunately we now have machines that help us understand each other better. 

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