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Impossible to use scanned 'business card' and contacts



I scanned a business card with iPhone-Evernote

The telephone number and website came out wrong
Trying to correct it, I ran into several issues

- No way to edit the information on iPhone

- No way to see the original image of the scanned card (as I can on Mac-app)

- on Mac I sometimes can see the original image, not always

- on Mac I cannot change the telephone number into a correct number

- for example this Portuguese telephone number : 910 123 456 or +351 910 123 456
good luck to enter this correctly...

- I cannot edit/change the incorrectly scanned website url

So far for the 'usability' of contact cards (not)

Any expert has some input on this ?

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Open the note.

Tap on the grey header, beside the word Contact.

Tap on the pencil icon above of the popup keyboard.

It will now open a form with all the information from the card, and the ability to edit it, to add new fields or to remove others.

When done, tap on save.

That EN believes there are just US phone numbers in the world is an attempt of doing things better, resulting in making them worse.

You should contact support about it.

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