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  1. I have this very annoying issue as well (Mojave, latest EN, 1 premium account) The solution of Tuqqer is not feasible for me : 19.000+ notes exporting and importing again is not an option. Couldn't I just delete all Evernote stuff, including data, re-install and re-sync ? Would this work/help ? But I am also wondering : Evernote states they can reproduce the problem, but 2 months later still no start of a solution ?
  2. Super, it seems to work now : no more "loading" forever tags are passed on Great
  3. After being unable to pass the tags in the outlook plugin, the integration is now completely broken.... Guess that solves the tagging problem as well ... (yes Sheldon, this is sarcasm)
  4. Epic, can you point us to the location of the old EN outlook plugin ? Many thanks Luc
  5. indeed still the same issue. (on Mac Mojave & latest version of Outlook 365 desktop) Hope someone would be so kind to have a look.
  6. same thing here. I installed evernote plugin. Reinstalled using Gaumped's link Works in online version, fails (no tags) in outlook 2016 on Mac 0SX Mojave
  7. Agree, but I wouldn't call it a minor feature. Proper organisation of notes is key ! The tags and hierarchy of tags was there I assume to stay.
  8. Things seems to getting worse : the new web interface or Evernote seems to have dumped hierarchical tags !! This is going the wrong direction imho. Any other opinions?
  9. vote added. Being a product manager for a platform that runs on web and mobile, I don't understand the decision of EN to differ the features on IOS and MAC. The workflow and features should be similar. So please : make tag management equal on mobile and also support tag hierarchy (nested tags)
  10. come one evernote, you are still promoting this erroneous beta version !!! Just ran into trouble. No more beta's for me. Debug it yourself !
  11. seems there is also another topic about this. deafening silence from Evernote and certainly no solution. Evernote : are you listening ?
  12. so... still no solution? Evernote is supposed to be a productivity tool...
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